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Solution Architecture Consulting :

Solutions designing is the initial stage of the project development, requiring rich experience and a creative approach. Our Salesforce solution architecture consultants will study the existing infrastructure, and help the clients to make decisions about building reliable software combinations that correspond to the business needs. We will also provide a detailed estimate of the effort needed for implementation. Our Salesforce CRM consultants through and Visual force apps clients can integrate with third-party software. Our expert staff can create and maintain detailed and well-structured technical specifications blueprint for the needed functionality. 

Salesforce developers will investigate the existing functionality and create a detailed description of all business operational processes providing a logical and optimal listing of the existing architecture, suggest improvements in the current architecture, and the improvable functionality, and the efforts needed to achieve this. Solution architecture consulting experts would measure all technical aspects of Salesforce implementations as needed, in clients’ org’s structure and functionality. Upon the client’s approval of the implementation plan, our teams of experts will plug both architectural and functional fixes or custom develops apps for the improving Salesforce CRM as needed for the optimization of business.

Our Salesforce architecture solution services include complete assistance in performing each of the functions with utmost transparency and sticking to your core business requirements. Salesforce Offshore Support’s solution architecture consultant expert will have a detailed meeting with you about developing the implementation plan. Where we will ascertain specific details such as

  • Business’s marketing and sales objectives
  • Key organizational goals
  • Composition of customers/clients segment mix which we are targeting to your budget allocation
  • The business processes you want to automate
  • The degree of automation you require.

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Salesforce solution architecture consulting services will ensure that clients can make the best use of the Salesforce platform according to their needs and get the best possible return on their investment, Right from initial planning to final execution.

Our Salesforce solution architecture consulting services teams will assist customers in getting Salesforce implemented to obtain the best operational results out of the platform. Our certified consultants will design and optimize your sales process to maximize cross-selling, up-selling and deliver effective personalized marketing to your customers by helping you create a complete project timeline by ensuring the manpower needed for the implementation is available during the course of the timeline. Once all the resources to be allocated are defined, Salesforce premier support experts will provide clients with a detailed project timeline with the following key milestones and will add other relevant events and milestones to be achieved over a specific timeline. Before starting with your Salesforce implementation journey, we through our transparent process, make our clients feel rest assured that they will be completely handled professionally throughout the Salesforce journey for their business organization.