Expand your volunteer and staff with our salesforce Nonprofit success pack and allow your company to perform perfectly at your events.

Salesforce For Non Profit Success Pack NPSP :

Salesforce non-profit is a software program that helps non-profit organizations to use the functionalities of Salesforce. Org’s non-profit cloud unites constituents and organizations, empowering non-profit teams to fund and run their entire mission with one integrated platform that helps build meaningful and enduring relationships with their donors and with their communities. This allows support teams to get info on each donor in-depth, enabling them to customize the message delivery to donors individually.

Salesforce for non-profit success pack NPSP helps break down NGO’s activities into compartmental silos like fundraising, marketing, programs, and leadership by providing all concerned a single and shared real-time platform of the organization. It helps non-profits organizations in tracking volunteers, get connected with donors, and also manage marketing campaigns effectively.

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With a non-profit cloud for fundraising, NGOs can track their donors and easily foster personalized relationships with them with the aim of configuring donation types to easily manage one-time donation, recurring, in-kind gifts, grants, earned income, membership, and other revenue types. Our consultants can track data on campaigns, donors, single donations, recurring donations, teams, registrations, and tickets from fundraising apps and can build or integrate Application Programme Interfaces (API’s) or on Heroku, our platform as a service (PaaS) to build cloud applications for fundraising. The foundation of non-profit cloud is an app called NPSP which adds custom constituent and donor management components on Salesforce NPSP’s accounting sub-ledger integrates fundraising information for your accounting system, connecting fundraising, and finance by consistent revenue, and accounting data across our platform. Salesforce NSPS pack is flexible, open-source, and built for and by the non-profit community, and blends technology with flexibility.

We provide special rates for a non-profit organization as our contribution toward the society

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