Build self-service portals and communities for more personalized support and happier clients.

Salesforce Community Portal services :

Salesforce community portal assists the organization to build brand community spaces. In other words, information sharing portals for users in which they connect, collaborate, and get work done. Salesforce communities are productive ecosystems within the company, and they are very easy to build with Salesforce’s instinctive tools and templates. An organization builds a community for various purposes which can meet different types of requirements that arises in the organization.

Salesforce community portal is an excellent place to share information and cooperate with people. Moreover, that is essential to business processes customers, partners, or employees. An online community is a very good place to connect with the important people in an organization in a new and different way. Community portal is the latest version of the existing portals provided by Salesforce. It is alike to the older version. However, this looks quite better in terms of design and interfaces perspective. To hire a Salesforce Community Consultant, click here

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To be sure, the Salesforce community portal gives you the capacity to create portals for your customers, partners, and employees very quickly and easily. Developing a salesforce portal is a time taking process in Salesforce. However, It is a portal you can get up and running in a day with minimum development and configuration time. Salesforce Communities:

Partner Communities

A partner community may enable partners to collaborate on prospects or leads and deals or opportunities. It guides to an increase in sales through resellers, distributors, agencies, and

Customer Communities

A customer community may guide customers on how to get correct answers, how to submit an idea, How to log a case with customer support and many more. It allows customer self-service, builds deeper customer relationships, and Extend business processes.

Employee Communities

An employee community can lead the employees on how to get HR information, file an employee a help desk, request Book travel, file a PTO request, etc. It is important for driving productivity and engagement across the organization.