We launch On Demand Service model to support Salesforce.com customers.

On Demand Services:

We help our customers, concentrate on their core competencies areas while our Salesforce consultants take over the Salesforce implementation and monitoring activities. With Salesforce on-Demand services packages we provide our clients the best-user management, standard/custom object maintenance, data management, security management, and package maintenance-related Salesforce support services.

Our team members are differentiated by their unique combination of deep Apex and Visual force development skills along with seasoned business analysis experience in all Salesforce’s established features and have several man-hours of experience in developing custom features for standard Salesforce applications. We make sure the support team offers comprehensive training and help desk services to ensure widespread adoption to maximize the full profit potential of implemented Salesforce CRM across the company business to maximize users and to achieve the best possible result mix.

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We provide cost-effective on-demand services, keeping clients’ budget constraints in mind. Depending on the budget allocation, our Salesforce expert’s process stage will be transparent and clients will be informed about the status of the project and the results attained and will keep clients updated about all our actions on a periodic interval. Clients can avail of Salesforce help from us including CRM administration services, monitoring specific tools, and platforms to safeguard the health of all Salesforce clouds.

With our offshore delivery model, clients can avail best service experience with the time and cost advantages of on-demand service. We have various options of service available like:

  • Salesforce admin on-demand: – for a small business set up the role of Salesforce admin is taken over by us and all related activities are performed by our experts.
  • Salesforce developer support: – for customization in the system for single and multiple business projects and processes as per the requirements.
  • Force.com development: – where Salesforce offshore support has expertise in the force.com platform and can custom develop apps as needed for the business.

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