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Salesforce Training Service :

Our training programs are customized to suit sales personnel and their requirements. Our Salesforce training service helps to create a training program after understanding the management’s overall objectives and enables the sales team to comprehend how Salesforce CRM is the best tool to achieve success and financial targets. Our experts have customized different training for different levels of end-users such as Leadership & Management, Leadership training is designed to exhibit to the sales leaders their ability to extract relevant data, assess team performance, identifying and correcting low adoption rates and buy-in from team members.

For the client’s staff training programs, we meet key stakeholders to understand how a business process works and understand and plan a strategy to leveraging Salesforce to best meet the business objectives. Salesforce Offshore Support’s customized training helps to practically train the sales team in selling using Salesforce. Training both field sellers and departmental sales leadership, incorporating their real-world selling scenarios. At Salesforce offshore support, we contentiously work with the sales teams to train them in our proven adoption strategies to ensure success.

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All forms of training are designed as interactive, engaging, and fun training modules with relevant practical classes on Salesforce — both on a computer and a phone.

This training and education of salespeople on Salesforce will transform the selling process for the company. With this training to the Salesforce Platform, all staff can learn the followings and improve their performances immediately, Details of customer support as well as inside & outside sales

  • Learn about various components of Platform
  • Salesforce UI, business logic, security, and other features
  • Designing the report, dashboard, and portal in Salesforce
  • Validating data, customizing the app, and debugging.

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