We provide cost-effective salesforce offshore support to improve your salesforce operation.


Salesforce Offshore Support is one of the best Salesforce services providers, offers a wide range of Offshore Salesforce Administration services, and Support Services. Our certified Salesforce Administrators help you with Salesforce Configuration and Salesforce Integration needs. We are a Salesforce partner who provides cost-effective services that fit your budget. Our Salesforce certified Administrators developers with their unique and innovative visual force development skills ensure that Salesforce is utilized to its full potential. We have an experienced and certified team of experts who are trained well to provide you quality Salesforce services. Our Salesforce Offshore support services are offered at $1800 per month.

Service Type: Dedicated Salesforce Administrator


Package Includes:

  • Setup Salesforce Org
  • Unlocking user accounts or resetting passwords
  • Organization setup(Currency management)
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Cases management
  • Customize fields
  • Customize formula fields, Lookup fields, Master-details
  • Creating field dependencies
  • Customize custom objects
  • Account, Profile, and Contact Management
  • Page Layout Management
  • Creating Record types, Picklist
  • Setting-up new users
  • User management (Activate/Deactivate user)
  • Basic platform customizations (fields, page layouts, etc.)
  • Customize reports and dashboards

Service Type: Part time salesforce Admin


Package Includes:

  • Creating multiple Users, Roles, and Role hierarchy
  • Profile permissions & settings
  • Building page layouts
  • Creating validation rules
  • Creating workflow rules
  • Creating approval processes
  • Creating process builder
  • Creating visual flow for automated alerts, filed update and email generation
  • Customization of reports and dashboards
  • Editing & Applying security and sharing rules (Object, Field, Record)
  • Data integrity and duplicate management (Rules and merging records)
  • Configure security and access settings
  • Creating process automation
  • Importing and Exporting data using tools like data import wizard, data loader
  • Support via email and ticket system
  • Manage mass import and export data
  • Manage sandbox and production environments.

Service Type: Part time Salesforce Developer


Package Includes:

  • Meeting with project managers to determine CRM needs
  • Developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform
  • Designing, coding, and implementing Salesforce applications
  • Reviewing custom-developed code and making necessary technical adjustments
  • Testing the stability and functionality of the application
  • Troubleshooting and fixing bugs
  • Package Installation and testing
  • Debugging
  • Developing complex workflows
  • Maintaining the User Roles, security, and integrity of the application
  • Develop Visualforce pages and lightning components
  • Integration with other systems
  • Design and develop APEX classes and declarative development
  • Develop APEX triggers, Batch apex, schedule apex, Test class
  • Develop Visualforce custom components
  • Process automation, business administration, user enablement, reports, and dashboards.
  • Producing technical documentation
  • Performing reviews of the data
  • Providing technical plans/solutions to business teams
  • Developing solutions to address any company-wide issues and making their processes more efficient

Service Type: part time Financial Force developer


Package Includes:

  • Automate accounting and financial management tasks
  • Manage and track one-time billing, subscription, and usage-based billing
  • configure pricing and contract terms
  • Manage accounting and finance, billing and reporting
  • Generate real-time reports, analytics, and financial statements
  • revenue recognition and forecasting
  • Order & inventory management procurement