Discounted Rate: $2000 per month


Discounted Rate: $2000 per month


Discounted Rate: $2000 per month


Discounted Rate: $2000 per month

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Our packages

Service Type: Basic


Setup Salesforce Org
Unlocking user accounts or resetting passwords
Organisation setup(Currency management)
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Cases Management
Customize fields
Customize formula fileds, Lookup fields, Master-details
Creating field dependencies
Customize custom objects
Account, Profile and Contact Management
Page Layout Management
Creating Record types,Picklist
Setting-up new users
User management (Activate/Deactivate user)
Basic platform customisations (fields, page layouts etc.)
Customize reports and dashboards

Service Type: Certified Admin


Creating multiple Users, Roles and Role hierarchy
Profile permissions & settings
Building Page Layouts
Creating Validation Rules
Creating Workflow Rules
Creating Approval Processes
Creating Process Builder
Creating visual flow for automated alerts, filed update and email generation
Customization of Reports and Dashboards
Editing & Applying Security and Sharing Rules (Object,Field,Record)
Data integrity and duplicate management (Rules and merging records)
Configure security and access settings
Creating process automations
Importing and Exporting Data using tools like Data import wizard, Data Loader
Support via email and ticket system
Manage mass import and Export data
Manage sandbox and production environments.

Service Type: Certified Developer


Meeting with project managers to determine CRM needs
Developing customized solutions within the Salesforce platform
Designing, coding, and implementing Salesforce applications
Reviewing custom developed code and making necessary technical adjustments
Testing the stability and functionality of the application
Troubleshooting and fixing bugs
Package Installation and testing
developing complex workflows
Maintaining the User Roles,security and integrity of the application
Develop Visualforce pages and Lightning components
Integration with other systems
Design and develop APEX classes and declarative development
Develop APEX triggers,Batch apex, schedule apex, Test class
Develop Visualforce custom components
Process automation, business administration , user enablement, reports and dashboards.
Producing technical documentation
Performing reviews of the data
Providing technical plans/solutions to business teams
Developing solutions to address any company-wide issues and making their processes more efficient

Service Type: Financial Force Consultant


Automate accounting and financial management tasks
Manage and track one-time billing, subscription and usage-based billing
configure pricing and contract terms
Manage accounting and finance, billing and reporting
Generate real-time reports, analytics and financial statements
revenue recognition and forecasting
Order & Inventory Management procurement

Salesforce Offshore support services

Expert Salesforce support service offers complete training and helping desk services to maximize the full profit potential of implemented salesforce CRM.

Salesforce implementation services

Our expert Salesforce implementation service at the best quality & competitive price helps deliver maximum returns on their investments.

Salesforce development solution

As a Salesforce development company, we continuously endeavor
to meet our client's

On-Demand Development Service

At Salesforce offshore support with On-Demand services, we provide our clients best user management, data & security management.

Salesforce For Non Profit Success Pack NPSP

Our NPSP helps compartmentalize fundraising, marketing, leadership & providing info in a single shared real-time platform. Application Development application development and deployment Service team Using customized Strategies ensuring project delivery within the time and within budget.


We expertise Salesforce customization Service using common default & customized Tool helps clients meet business needs and maximize profits.


Our Salesforce integration consulting services make sure that the data is well synchronized with your business systems and maintains the highest quality.

Salesforce lightning experience

It allows clients to create web and mobile apps to leverage Salesforce CRM to build interactive lightning communities.

Salesforce Training

Our training programs are customized to suit sales personnel and their requirements. This training and education of salespeople on Salesforce will transform the selling process for the company.

Salesforce Managed Services

As a Salesforce managed services provider, we will retain your Salesforce solution secure and assist it to develop in line with the changing sales, marketing, and customer service requirements.

Solution Architecture Consulting

Our Salesforce Architecture Solution services include complete assistance in performing each of the functions with utmost transparency and sticking to your core business requirements. .